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The Tara Doyle Award was introduced by the Board in 2010 as a perpetual award which recognises the BIZLINK employee that has made a significant contribution to BIZLINK and in doing so achieved results that make a real difference to the lives of people with a disability through quality employment. Tara Doyle served as Managing Director of BIZLINK for 12 years (1998 to 2010) and the award reflects her contribution to the organisation. This award has been presented to staff past* and current as follows:

2020 Julie Needham
2019 Tony Wrobluskie*
2018 Lisa Campbell
2017 Lindsey Rutherford
2016 Lianne Harvey*
2015 Charlie Lenzo
2014 Liz Zidich
2013 Debbie Matthews
2012 Troy Sabetta
2011 Giorgio Pontarelli*
2010 Sean Deasy


The BIZLINK Service Award acknowledges each decade of tenure. The following staff have attained these significant milestones, and we thank them for the years of dedicated service:

20 Years Service Tara Doyle | Lisa Campbell | Lee Holland | Sean Deasy
10 Years Service Brian Park | Lisa Fuentes | Tina Zemzars | Troy Sabetta | Lindsey Rutherford | Liz Zidich | Trevor Paterson | Luis Galaz


The 100 Club recognises employees who have secured 100 quality jobs for people with disability and has been presented to staff past* and current as follows:

2019 Giorgio Pontarelli | Tony Wrobluskie
2018 Sean Deasy | Steve Mangan | Pauline Donnelly
2015 Charlie Lenzo
2014 Sean Deasy | Karen Doulis*
2011 Sean Deasy | Sharron Felsch*
2009 Sean Deasy
2006 Sean Deasy
2005 Ros Coe*

DEA Service Awards

Disability Employment Australia (DEA) recognises Disability Employment Service (DES) staff who make a difference in the program and in the sector. DEA has honoured the following BIZLINK employees with a commemorative medal acknowledging service of 10, 15 and 20 years, as well as a special commemorative medal for lifetime achievement of 25+ years working in DES.

  DEA Service Award RECIPIENTS
25 Years Service Trevor Paterson | Tara Doyle | Luis Galaz | Troy Sabetta
20 Years Service Lee Holland | Lisa Campbell
15 Years Service Rosemarie Horsley | Pauline Donnelly | Liz Zidich | Giorgio Pontarelli | Lisa Fuentes | Brian Park | Sean Deasy
10 Years Service Stephenie Fielding | Lindsey Rutherford | Tina Zemzars | Tracey Moxham

The Bizlink Team

Board of Directors

A voluntary Board of Directors governs BIZLINK; Directors have a range of skills and expertise in business, finance, management, law and leadership. The Board, which includes the Managing Director, monitors the operational and financial performance of BIZLINK, develops policy and ensures clients receive appropriate services. It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure that BIZLINK meets all legal requirements relevant to the Constitution, Funding Agreement and Commonwealth and State Laws.

Rob Casamento FCA

CPA Chairman

Rob is a founding Director of CBSW Pty Ltd, a boutique Tax & Business Advisory Chartered Accountancy practice in West Leederville. Rob joined CBSW Pty Ltd after spending 32 years with two large International Chartered Accounting Firms. Rob is a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a Fellow member of the Taxation Institute of Australia. Rob joined BIZLINK as a Director in 2005 having gained a strong sense of the values and objectives of the organisation, to assist the Board with its future growth strategies and objectives.

Glen Clarke BBus, CPA

Deputy Chairman

Glen joined the Board of BIZLINK as Finance Director in 2001, a role he continued until 2008. Glen, now retired, was Deputy Auditor General with the Office of the Auditor General. Glen had over 30 years', experience with the Office of the Auditor General. Glen also worked with the Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs in the position of Assistant Director of Benefits.

Susan Campbell BA (Hons)

Director-Client Liaison

Susan became involved with BIZLINK in 1992 through the Post School Options program. Her son Christopher obtained his employment through the newly established BIZLINK in 1992 and has enjoyed a happy and rewarding working life ever since. Susan was approached in 1994 to become a representative for clients. Susan, now retired, has worked in the Accounting and Financial Services sector.

Marco Cicchine BA


Marco was invited to be a Director in 2004 because of his marketing experience and background in the disability industry. Marco is Director of Marcoting Pty Ltd; Principal of loans@home and a licensed finance broker. Marco was appointed a Director of the Australian Marketing Institute in November 1996 to present and Board member of The Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Australia-Perth Inc) 2007 to present.

Michael Stutley LLB


Michael joined the Board in October 2018. Michael is a partner of Kingston Reid, a specialist workplace relations and safety law firm. Michael is a partner of K&L Gates, an international commercial law firm. He concentrates his practice in the areas of migration law, employment law, industrial relations, major incidents and workplace safety. Michael represents national and international clients in all areas relating to employment and industrial related action, including equal opportunity and occupational safety and health. Michael is also a registered Migration Agent with the Australian Government Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Michelle Jenkins


Michelle is the Chief Executive Officer of Community Vision, a not-for-profit community service that challenges the way aged care and disability services are delivered. Through her work, she is inspired to create a stronger and more connected community. With the ever-changing landscape of aged care and disability services, the number of people accessing support is increasing faster than many agencies can deal with. She takes a very open and engaging approach to how the organisation designs services and solutions, inviting clients to be more invested in their care plans. Michelle is utilising her extensive banking and finance background and sound business acumen to grow Community Vision into a nationally recognised and highly respected leader in the caring sector. Michelle is the former Head of Commercial Banking for Westpac, Regional Manager for BT Financial Planning, a Justice of the Peace and has a Masters Degree in Business Leadership, as well as Financial Planning qualifications in Australia and the UK and a Diploma in Business (Governance).

John Ripepi, MAICD


John has some 37 years’ experience working within the general insurance industry having held a number of senior leadership roles with Wesfarmers Insurance. John was a member of the executive leadership committee at Wesfarmers Insurance for over 20 years when in 2010 he was appointed CEO of WFI Insurance Ltd, a position he held until 2014. Since then John has held senior positions with both Insurance Australia Group and Gallagher Insurance Brokers. John also has NFP board experience having been a Director of Crop Insurance Services Association Ltd from 1998 to 2010, having served one term as Deputy Chair. John is a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance and holds a Graduate Diploma, Insurance from Deakin University.

Brian Park

Managing Director

Brian has been the BIZLINK Managing Director since July 2010. Brian has been with BIZLINK since August 2001, originally employed as Support Manager he was promoted in August 2005 to Operations Manager. Brian has qualifications in HNC SC (Higher National Certificate in Social care) CMS (Certificate in Management Studies) and NVQ (Training and Assessing). With over 30 years experience in the disability field including 20 years in employment specific services both in Australia and the United Kingdom and a background as a Social Trainer and Manager of Disability Services. Brian has had an active role in the industry peak body of ACEWA, serving on the ACEWA Committee from 2003 to 2010, and was President from 2008 to 2010. He was again appointed President of ACEWA in 2013.


Managing Director

The Managing Director has an overall responsibility for the quality, operational and financial management and contract performance of BIZLINK.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager has responsibility for the coordination of registrations and contract related operations; supervision and support of Site Managers; the Operations Manager assists the Managing Director to coordinate corporate promotion of the service, develop and maintain an employer database; prepare media articles and organise presentations and promotions.

Site Manager

The Site Manager has responsibility for overseeing contract site-related operations; management of registration activities; supervision of Coordinators and organisation of job search and support activities. The Site Manager assists the Managing Director to coordinate corporate promotion of the site, develop and maintain an employer database; prepare media articles and organise presentations and promotions all at a site specific level.

Team Coordinators

Team Coordinators maintain a case load whilst providing mentoring and support to their assigned team. They assist with the induction of new staff and coordinate regular team meetings creating an environment where Coordinators can share experiences and problem solve as a team. In addition to this they assist their team to achieve quality compliance by providing training with file notes, check-lists and other compliance requirements ultimately supporting team members to keep up-to-date with the requirements of their position.

Support Coordinators

Support Coordinators assist workers with a disability to retain employment and assist clients with education and vocational development options. Support Coordinators, in particular, provide on- the-job support to workers and liaise with co-workers to ensure that "employers receive a fair day's work as does the employee a fair day's pay". They also liaise with the Job Search team to identify client skills and abilities for job-matching.

Job Search Coordinators

Job Search Coordinators primarily promote the BIZLINK service and individual job seekers to employers to enable job seekers to locate and secure jobs that match their (potential) skills, choice and goals. They assist with service promotion particularly to develop and maintain employer partnerships.

Employment Coordinators

Employment Coordinators primarily work with job seekers to assist them to build work capacity and work readiness to secure quality employment. They assist with all tasks related to referral and registration activities. They assist with service promotion particularly to develop and maintain referral sources, for example, schools and community organisations; they assist with job support and can also job match and secure jobs.

Quality Manager

The Quality Manager is responsible the quality management of BIZLINK and coordinates quality- related activities. The Quality Manager furthers the objectives of BIZLINK through targeted strategic and business development related strategies.

Project Manager

The Project Manager coordinates and develops projects to meet contract related requirements. They build referral partnerships and supervise and support project staff. They deliver the NDIS and TSEP projects.

Project Officer

The Project Officer assists the Project Manager to deliver projects and related activities. They support clients to build work capacity and undertake vocational development activities. Build and maintain community partnerships and promote BIZLINK.

Compliance Manager

The Compliance Manager provides administration, operational and contract compliance support for BIZLINK, coordinates administration, compliance and outcome-related activities and manages administration and compliance staff.

Compliance Assistant

The Compliance Assistant supports and assists the Compliance Manager with all matters related to administration, compliance and outcome-related activities.

Finance Manager

The Finance Manager has accounting qualifications and is responsible for financial and accounting requirements.

HR & Finance Officer

The HR & Finance Officer is responsible for human resources and assists with financial and accounting requirements.

Finance Assistant

The Finance Assistant supports and assists the HR and Finance Department with all matters related to the finances, accounting and human resource management of BIZLINK.

Administration Assistant

The Administration Assistant is responsible for clerical and reception duties such as, typing, file upkeep, photocopying, reception duties, and for recording information into the client database.

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