Quality Employment for People with a Disability
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BIZLINK is a not-for-profit Incorporated Association that provides Disability Employment Support Services. We assist people with a disability to prepare for, find and keep a job in open employment, including ongoing support when required. The Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS) funds BIZLINK.

BIZLINK was established in 1992 to provide a specialist employment service for school leavers with a disability living in the northern suburbs of Perth. We expanded our service in 1994 to include job seekers with a range of disabilities and of diverse age groups. BIZLINK accepts referrals from Centrelink, self (direct), schools, health services, community organisations and other employment services.

Most job seekers will require an Employment Services Assessment (ESAt) or Job Capacity Assessment (JCA) and the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) can assist with this. Job seekers can contact BIZLINK for more information on eligibility and how to register. We service the Central and West Metro of Perth from our offices in East Perth, Melville, Cockburn Central and Rockingham and the North metro from our offices in Joondalup, Innaloo and Midland.

BIZLINK works with job seekers to match jobs to their choice, skills and individual needs. We provide on or off-site training, support and advice to help workers settle in to their job. We provide job-support for as long as needed. If a job seeker is not yet ready for a job, we can assist with building work-based skills and career counselling. If a job seeker needs more specialist assistance because of their disability or other barrier to employment, we can provide supports or link them in with the right services to get work ready.

A Coordinator works with each job seeker, and their support network, where involved, to develop an individualised Job Plan. Support is provided with every part of the Job Plan, how and when needed. Depending on each client’s individual needs, BIZLINK support can include:

  • Resume preparation
  • Job applications
  • Learning about what employers expect, interview techniques, building confidence
  • Accessing training & courses agreed on the Job Plan
  • Building wellness & work readiness
  • Short-term work experience/job sampling/work trials
  • Transport training
  • On-the-job training & off-site support as required
  • Employer subsidies & incentives
  • Workplace modifications & equipment

BIZLINK selectively matches job seekers to fill the criteria of each job vacancy and can then provide on-site training, support and advice. BIZLINK continues to support workers as required, providing on or off-site assistance to meet the needs of the worker and employer. BIZLINK aims to provide the best possible employment assistance and support. We work together with job seekers to achieve their employment goals. To ensure we are meeting our client’s needs, our Charter and Value Statement reflects the beliefs and mission of the BIZLINK Team:

Our Charter

Quality employment for people with a disability.

Our Values

BIZLINK directors and employees believe that people with a disability:

  • Have a right to work in open employment regardless of the extent or severity of their disability
  • Must play a central role in planning their own careers, in conjunction with their families and significant others (where involved)
  • Have a right to receive individualised support to become competent and valued employees
  • Have a right to a fair day's pay as have employers a right to a fair day's work
  • Need only the desire to work, support from significant others, realistic career choice and access to training and support to succeed in open employment
  • Have a right to privacy, confidentiality and respect in all their dealings with BIZLINK