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Development Programs

Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP®)

BIZLINK may use the Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP®) to improve the attainment of mental health, social inclusion and sustainable employment. WRAP assists the development of job seeker skills by increasing their capacity to prepare for work; it assists the Coordinator in finding suitable work and improves job retention. By incorporating an individual’s preferred job choice into a WRAP program, the job becomes part of the recovery process as a job gives a strong sense of purpose.

BIZLINK employs a Copeland Centre trained WRAP Facilitator who has both mental health and employment service knowledge, and staff are being trained to deliver WRAP across the organisation.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan® and WRAP® are registered trademarks. Copyright by Mary Ellen Copeland.

Job Club

Whilst most support is provided in face-to-face individual meetings, Job Club provides a group training environment for job seekers with similar needs to:

  • Improve interview techniques
  • Learn what employers want and expect - quality, quantity, attendance and attitude.
  • Develop appropriate workplace communication
  • Consider Occupational Safety and Health matters
  • Appropriately present themselves for interviews and work
  • Build self-confidence in a safe and fun learning environment
  • Develop foundation skills as required e.g. computers, measuring, money, time, form filling, transport

Foundation skill development can also be one-to-one as needed. This type of skill-based training is designed to assist people who have been unemployed for an extended period, or for those wishing to career develop and need to improve or attain work-based skills. The Coordinator gains a valuable opportunity for assessing the job seeker’s skill-sets for appropriate job-matching.

Work Experience/Job Sampling

Work readiness can also include work experience in a job that is potentially suitable to the job seeker. BIZLINK provides support and covers insurance. The job seeker has an opportunity to explore their interests, test their skills and practice their communication. The Coordinator assists the job seeker to identify and work on areas to improve and acknowledges areas where they already meet the employer’s expectations.


BIZLINK assists job seekers to undertake training to increase their employment skills as per their job choice and skill development needs e.g. public transport training, forklift ticket, driving permit training, first aid, Occupational Safety and Health and Vocational courses to AQF Certificate level (using TAFE and private providers) including Traineeships and Apprenticeships.

BIZLINK is committed to improving our job seeker’s language, literacy and/or numeracy skills as we believe this can increase work participation, achieve higher paid and higher quality jobs and result in enduring employment with more opportunities for career pathways and promotion. Job seekers assessed by our Coordinators as being likely to benefit are assisted to access training such as the Skills for Education and Employment.

Counselling services are accessed as needed, including registered psychologist services; linking in with community mental health services; People First Program and Local Coordination.

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